The Church Property may be used by individuals or non-profit groups if their request for date and time fits into the church calendar.

The Pastor and/or Church Secretary may authorize usage of the Education Building if: The request is for an individual or a non-profit group for a one time use. The request fits with the church calendar. There is no history of abuse of the facility by this group or person in past usage

All requests for use of the building by “For Profit” organizations, or groups desiring to use the building for more than a single time have to come before Session for approval. The minimum fee is $50.00 for use by a For Profit organization.      

All Weddings, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions must be approved by Session.  See below.

If the Sexton is requested to set up, tear down, or assist an outside group (group other than one organized by Old Stone Church) and that assistance goes beyond the Sexton’s normal scope of work and the Sexton agrees to this additional work, there will be a fee charged and made payable directly to the Sexton for his work. That fee would be $100.00 for groups under 25 or $150.00 for groups 26-75. For larger groups the fee could be negotiated.

A fee of $100.00 is charged for the use of the kitchen.  This is not charged if a group only uses the kitchen for use of refrigerator, ice machine, to prepared drinks.  The china belongs to Presbyterian Women and is not used by anyone other than Old Stone Church.

Priority for usage would be given to: Old Stone Church Activities/Functions, Old Stone Church Members,other area churches,Non profit groups (scouts, school groups, dancing groups, etc.)

Any damage to the property or fixtures will be brought to the attention of staff and reported to the Pastor and/or the property committee.  The group/individual is responsible for all damage.

Pastor may waive fees for good cause and report his actions to the subsequent Session Meeting. 



We believe that the church has a unique role in helping couples have a wedding that is a Christian experience of worship.  It is not a pageant or parade.  It is rather a responsible entering into God’s gift of a shared life.

To this end we encourage the use of the Church Sanctuary as an appropriate setting for this service of worship to take place. As noted above, requests for use of our historic sanctuary must be approved by the Session of Ruling Elders, the governing body of our church.  Please contact our church office for a complete copy of our Wedding Guidelines and Fees.