Week 3, Anna's Thoughts

In this chapter, McLaren encourages us to look for patterns, to see the places in history and the Bible where God is present and working- from Creation to the Logos to the Spirit. Our scriptures spoke of Wisdom and its place in our world.


It’s not at all unusual for people to inquire as to how they can best know what God’s will is for their lives. How to make faithful decisions, and the best I can give them is encouragement to look for the patterns. Where in your life have you made good decisions that you could later tell had God’s hand in it. What were the circumstances, what did it feel like, look like?

Where in your life have you made decisions you later understood to be contrary to God’s desire for your life? What were the circumstances? What did it look like, feel like?

In the Bible, in the patterns, we see that God is faithful, consistent, in reaching out to us and calling us to garden- to turn swords into plowshares and care for our neighbors.

God is like a spider, building a web tenderly and faithfully each and circle, a web of love for creation and for the created. You. And Me.