Week 2, Anna's Thoughts

As I ponder this chapter and McLaren’s commentary on it, I am struck with how the same thing can mean different things.

One story can mean different things to different people.

If eating of the fruit of the tree isn’t our fall, what does it mean that we might not be “fallen” people after all?

With hands that can be caring or clenched- it’s all in how we use them.

The same is true for so much in our lives. I know that I have been blessed with a voice that projects, but sometimes (too many times) I forget to use my “inside voice” and allow my voice to railroad over other voices that need to be heard.

And how hard it is, at times, to see ourselves as created in God’s image.

Did you see the video last week of James Corden calling out Bill Mahr for his fat shaming?

How are you doing now that we’re on the second chapter? I’m finding that the questions at the end aren’t ones I can run through- They are so thought provoking, I’m taking notes on them in a journal.

I think that each week I’ll try and post McLaren’s commentary on Monday and then my own reflections on Wednesday. What would be most helpful to you?


Rev. Anna