Week 5, Anna's Thoughts


What if Eve is the hero of the story?


This week, I’m in Montreat for a conference, and tonight the preacher (the Rev. Traci Blackmon) focused on Psalm 23.  While there were many points to her sermon, she pointed out that the first four verses of Psalm 23 speak about God, and then the Psalmist (David) transitions to talking To God, as we often do when we are in the midst of a valley/crisis time.

 I hadn’t ever noticed that.

 I love it when the Biblical Stories are turned inside out and they take on whole new meaning.

 And there are so many opportunities to do that, but there are also moments when we have to wrestle with texts that might not ever be violence free and might always pose complications and problems.  I like the way that McLaren talks about this,

“The words ‘God must be better than that’ will come up several times in the chapters to come.” and he describes the way in which the text paints a portrait of God.

 But I also wonder if the portrait of God in the Biblical text isn’t a portrait of us as much as it is of God. 

As you think of the texts you’ve read from these chapters (and before), what portraits are painted for you?