Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

Lent is a time of reflection, a time of consideration. Remembering the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, we are invited to change our routines- sacrificing something or adding something that will cause us to take notice, will reveal more about who we are, who we pretend to be, and who God created us to be. We bury our alleluias for a season and live for a bit with a different focus, a focus that affects our whole vision.

It is one of my favorite seasons of the year because it is a time of honest reflection and invitation, leading us in a closer walk with Christ.

Lent begins on Wednesday, March 1 and you are invited to worship at 7:30 for a service that will include music, Word, and the imposition of ashes (which simply means that all those who would like to receive ashes on their foreheads will be invited forward. The ashes will be placed in the sign of the cross on your forehead while you hear the words, “You are dust, and to dust you shall return,” from Genesis 3: 19)

It will be good to worship with you.

Peace be with you-

This lenting is a longing, looking, isolating and locating process, a passing of the time between what has to be, what may become, A late, last, solitary lingering Among the soiled and crusted snowbanks of deep-drifted hurt and disappointment seeking out those tender-tough new shoots that pierce the calloused surface of all losing with the agony of life becoming green again.  

J. Barrie Shepherd

Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

Greetings from the Sunday School Class led by Chuck Lewis.
Thought for the week: God's agenda for our lives may be different from our own. He cares more about our character than our convenience, comfort, or cash.
Last week's Quiz from Genesis: How many sons did Jacob have from these two marriages?
Answer: There were 12 sons born amid much envy and jealousy.
This week name the twelve sons and identify which one was the favorite.
Last week our study of Galatians ended in Chapter 5 and 6, where the works of the flesh and fruits of the spirit were listed. Part of our discussion involved what the spirit led community avoids, what it embodies, and how it lives together.
Our spring study begins this week with "God Loves Us" as our theme for this quarter. Our main scriptures this quarter will come from Psalms, Joel, Jonah, John, Romans, Ephesians and 1 John. The title of this week's lesson is "The Source of All Love." Our background scriptures come from 1 John, John, and Psalms. Come learn with us this Sunday at 10:00 AM in the Conference Room.

History! Wednesday March 8 at 11:00.
There is a group gathering to ascertain how we can best organize, share, and preserve the historical documents and photos of Old Stone Presbyterian Church. They will be gathering on Wednesday, March 8 at 11:00. If you are interested, you are welcome!


March 5 Suzanne Bicksler March 12 Brahm Kesterson March 19 Lawson Hamilton

LAY READERS March 5 Mary Adeline Bicksler March 12 Zoe Hinkey March 19 Megan Hofmann

March 5 John Bicksler March 12 Beverly Kucera March 19 Ashley Meadows

GREETERS and FELLOWSHIP TIME HOSTS (please call the church office to sign up)
March 5 Available
March 12 Greeters: PYC PYC Luncheon following worship
March 19 Available

Prayer List 2-27-17

Keith Bashen Virginia Skaggs Ashley Walker
Leslie Weikle Don Brown Dexter Taylor
Jim Leitch Arlen Myers Jim Bower
Tate Hudson Richard Bicksler Sonny Bennett

Contact Paula McLaughlin 304-661-9866

Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

Awaken, Being Empowered by God’s Presence
A Women’s Retreat Hosted by Old Stone Presbyterian Church
Spring is a time of nourishing rains, fresh beginnings and new growth all around. What a great time for spiritual growth and for taking a fresh look at the presence of God in our lives. As spring approaches, Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg invites the women of the Greenbrier Valley for a day of spiritual awakening with Tammy L. Jordan.
Tammy is the founder of Fruits of Labor, a company that marries her love of nature and agriculture with the culinary industry and serving others. The 15 year old company has expanded to include the Fruits of Labor Retreat Center, which offers renewal retreats and unique Farm-to-Table programs called “Seeds of Recovery” and “Seeds of Hope”. These nationally recognized programs are for individuals in recovery from addiction and for youth aging out of the Foster Care System respectively. Tammy is also the author of two books, including The Seed Sower, which received the national Silver Reader’s Choice Award.
Tammy is bringing her inspirational message, “Awaken, Being Empowered by God’s Presence” to Old Stone Church. After sharing the story of how God’s calling has shaped her life, she will lead a fun and interactive session, where participants can create their own “Vision Board”. This activity encourages introspection and will help individuals identify what God is calling them to do. Each person’s unique vision board can continue to provide inspiration and serve as a reminder of God’s presence and empowering spirit long after the retreat ends.
Enjoy a day of fellowship and renewal at The Women’s Retreat on Saturday, March 25 from 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. The $15 fee includes a sandwich luncheon and vision board materials. Childcare will be provided. Visit for more information including a registration form. Or call Amy at 304-676-1468 or Marcia at 304-466-0982.
Please register by March 5th so that all of the retreat materials can be prepared.


World Day of Prayer
The World Day of Prayer is a worldwide ecumenical event of Christian women of many traditions to observe a common day of prayer.
The World Day of Prayer 2017 will be held at Shuck Memorial Baptist Church on Friday, March 3rd at noon. The theme of the program is “Am I Being Unfair to You?”, featuring the Philippines. A lunch will be provided.

THE ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS will begin a new study Sunday, March 5. The course begins by probing the very nature of science and religion: How are they different and how are they similar in terms of their questions, methods, and sources of knowledge and certainty? Science and theology have more in common than is generally believed. All interested adults are encouraged to attend.


1:00 p.m. Afternoon Circle meet with Mary Scarborough and JoAnn Pearis in the Hayes Room
7:00 p.m. Evening Circle meet with Pam Lewis in the Hayes Room.
15 Attended Circle in February

Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

Outreach meeting on Thursday, March 15 at 4:00p.m.
Are you interested in how the Food Locker works?
Would you like to know more about STAIR?
Do you see ways in which Old Stone can be active in the community, state, country, and world and want to know more about how Jesus is calling us to live out our faith?
A new outreach committee of the Session has been established and will be gathering for the first time at the church on Thursday, March 15 at 4:00. If you would like to be a part of this organizational meeting where we begin to figure out the work and goals of this committee, you are invited! If you would like to know more, please contact elder Molly McMillion at


1 Sophia Juker
2 Jenny Boxwell Bland, Kevin Bland, Cameron Harkness
3 Casey Taylor Napier
4 Dallas Widney, Anne Staunton, Georgia Foster
Gregg Horne
6 Katie Walls Kruger, Steve Baker
7 Mildred Rutledge, Cora Kesterson, Ramah Jones
Doug Canterbury
8 Jim Arbuckle
11 Lynn Weikle, Lynne Tuckwiller, Lynn Brody
Madison Sims, David Kucera
13 Patsy Wingo
14 Jacob Jolliffe, Lisa King
15 Katie Lehman, Michael McMillion
16 Teri Warner
17 Criss Haynes, Julia Rowe Wise
18 Jack Swartout, Sam Hudson, Richard Tincher
20 Leah Feyh, Suzanne Bicksler, Sue Gurley
21 David Moore, Naomi Hamilton, Kathleen Smith
23 David Snyder
24 Cam Huffman, Amanda Irons, Matthew Curry, Olivia Nichols, Dickie Dixon
25 Carroll Crane, Matthew Fife
27 Ed Rock
28 Scott Weikle, Lexanne Meldrum
29 Paula Greer Swartout. Danielle Jolliffe
31 Andrea Phillips

Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

March 5, 2017
The First Sunday in Lent
11:00 A.M.
(also broadcast over WRON ~ 1400 AM or 103.1 FM)


Welcome and Call to Worship

Striking of the Chimes

Introit “All Glory to Our Lord and God ”

Prayer of the Day (unison)
Wild God of wilderness,
as we devote these forty days to you, shape us by your Holy Spirit
into the image of Christ our Lord, so that we may be ready, by your grace,
to confront the power of death with the promise of eternal life. Amen.

Hymn #466 “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” Azmon

Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession (unison)
Lord God, you know the ways of good and evil. You know the things that tempt and the things that give us life. You know our weaknesses, and you know our sin.
We confess that we have disobeyed you,
rejected your guidance and care, pretending to be self-reliant.
Have mercy on us, we pray: cover us with your grace, feed us with the bread of life, and re-create us in your image; through Jesus Christ our Savior we pray. Amen.

Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

Declaration of Pardon
Leader: Hear and believe the good news of the gospel.
People: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Gloria Patri Hymn #579
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost;
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.

Time with the Young Church
(afterwards all children middle school and younger are dismissed for Sunday School)

Hymn #81 “Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days” St. Flavian

Hebrew Bible Reading Psalm 32 page 623

Anthem “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley” Renee Ahern, Soloist

Gospel Reading Matthew 4: 1 - 11 page 3

Sermon “Tempting—Really Tempting”

Musical Interlude
(you are invited to use this time for prayer and personal reflection)

´â┤Affirmation of Faith A Declaration of Faith, 1977
Jesus was what we are. He grew up in a family and a society troubled by the common problems of the world. His knowledge was limited by his time and place in history. He felt deeply the joy of friendship and the hurt of being rejected. Jesus prayed, struggled with temptation, knew anger, and was subject to suffering and death. He was like us in every way except sin.
Jesus was what we should be. He served his Father with complete trust and unwavering obedience. He loved all kinds of people and accepted their love. In constant dependence upon the Holy Spirit, Jesus allowed no temptation or threat to keep him from loving God with his whole being and his neighbor as himself.
We recognize in Jesus what God created us to be. He exposes our failure to live as he lived. He demonstrates the new humanity God promises to give us through him.

The Giving of God’s Tithes and Our Offerings


Doxology Hymn #592
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
praise God, all creatures here below;
praise God above, ye heavenly host;
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Stone Chippings
Organized 1783 Built 1796 Issue 9, Monday, 02-27-2017

The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

Invitation to the Table
Prayer of Great Thanksgiving
The Lord be with you And also with you.
Lift up your hearts.We lift them to the Lord.
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right to give our thanks and praise.
Holy One, in this dry and weary land we give you thanks and praise. You provide for us in our need; you set a table for us in the wilderness. Even when we despair and complain against you, you feed us with bread from heaven. Even when we quarrel and question your grace, you give us water from a stone. How can we keep silent? Even dry bones in the valley of death stand to sing your praise:
Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,
heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.
We give you thanks and praise for Jesus, our way in the wilderness, our companion in the desert. He knows our hunger and thirst; he gives us the bread of life to eat and living water to drink. He leads us beside still water and prepares this table for us, even in the presence of our enemies. The cup of blessing overflows!
Pour out your Holy Spirit upon this bread, this cup, this dry and weary land. By the power of your Spirit, breathe life into our dust and hope into our bones.
As we receive this bread and cup, make us one flesh and one blood, one in the body of Christ. Let us live to sing your praise and show your love to all, until our wilderness wandering is over, and we feast with you forever in the land that you have promised.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory is yours, O God, now and always, and we pray, together, in your name.
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  

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